Waterford Estates Homes for Sale

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Waterford Estate Homes for Sale in Kelly Plantation

Property Information

Price Range:

$1,000,000 - $6,000,000


Community Amenities:

Golf Club and Grille, Tennis Courts, Owners' Club, Pool, Fitness Center, Walking/Jogging Trails, Basketball Courts, Gated Community and 24 Hour Security

 About Waterford Estates

  • Large 1-3 Acre Waterfront Estates
  • Single Family
  • Private Gated Subdivision

Why Choose Waterford

Waterford in Kelly Plantation is close to all the amenities available to the residents. These amenities includes the Owner's club, with a swimming pool, 5 tennis courts, fitness area and recreation areas. There are miles of trails and sidewalks that give residents the opportunity to walk, run or bicycle around the 900 acres that make Kelly Plantation.

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